Live chat with Dame dominance Mistress ExtremCastrate needs to verbally humiliate

I want truly feminize you. Take away your masculinity forever..I want to castrate you. Cut off those annoying,filth-filled testicles of yours. I have lots of ways of doing so. You’re in torturous anguish for only several hours,and then they embark to necrotize and droplet off. I’ve been instructing cocks to jizm since I could mutter the filthy words to instruction them. If you think YOU’RE enjoying it goose canada, boink…I’m having just as much joy listening to you pant, and choke, and scream and plead for that molten and more. – Everything you have ever dreamed to know about castration….or perhaps everything you have NEVER wished to know about emasculation! Let Me share My experience with you canada goose, as it relates to your sexually enslaved fantasies,kinks, and fetishes. My main concentrate is to permit you to find happiness, acceptance and peace in this alternative lifestyle. I enjoy it! Isn’t it your time now?

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