Recognize your sick and deviant nature and give yourself over in subordination to me.

GoddessIshtar – You may succeed in stashing your shame from your family and your workmates. You may attempt to lurk your dirty fantasies from yourself. But every night, laying awake in sofa, you can’t lurk from what you truly are. You know you can never escape your contorted fancies and that they will always set you apart from what is normal. I am here to tell you to capitulate even trying. Recognize your sick and miserable nature and give yourself over in subordination to me.

Sole fetish, Strap-on, Supremacy, Indignity, sissyfication, BIG BLACK BONER (Bbc), Findom, JOI, CEI, SPUNK-PUMP BALL TORMENT, SPH, leather / PVC, heels, leather…xxx

MistressInanna – Wire On, HUGE EBONY PINKISH CIGAR,Foot Fetish, forcedbi, Sadistic, Balloons, Garbs,Heels, nylons, Style, Idolize, Edging,Orgasm manage, Sissy whores, Kicking plums,pets, pigs, Trampling, CBT,SPH, JOI,CEI, CFNM, Roleplay, Financial Dom, Humiliation, Exposure, T/v

Youthfull, open (and evil) mind Femdom. Display and expose the darkest side of wish. Entertain me with your impious perversions :) lovense chubby is ON

NikaMezardi – Youthfull open and evil mind Dominatrix 😉 Show and unveil the darkest side of dream! cbt, joi, cei, sph, feminization, arse instructing, teamviewer, striptease, footwear, belt cock, lovense, Intensity Mega-bitch

Aloha studs! I came here with mission to prove sweeties got brain! TEAMVIWER,HUMILIATION….​………..BRAINWASHING..​.*ADDICTION*PLUS MORE!!

AMANDAONLY – Financial MindFuck Online! Worshippers, sissy broads, paypigs are welcomed! I am the uber-sexy & powerful gal of ur fantasy.I enjoy emotinal,mental & financial here to entice powerless boys.& turn them into my slave Im who im ,im not how u think not what u want me to be Im just ME!Maybe the mirror of your dreams.Atitude charm,Unforgetable and Real,U better have a glance!Im who im ,im not how u think not what u want me to be Im just ME!Maybe the mirror of your wishes.Atitud


TheLatexQueen – I don`t care of what sub craves of the session, as everything on this territory is work of My masochistic art: cut bargaining & whimpering – dare to be a thing I will use in accord with My vision. And I hope u to do ur best to amaze Me, favorite perverts 😀


SmokingDevil – My creativity, intuitiveness, sensuality, masochistic nature and ablility to turn your fantasies into a reality is what sets me apart.I own your fantasies…Your secrets…Your shame…Your idolize…Your tears…Your fantasies…your submission…your prick…your orgasms!

The one and only Miss BlackMail is here to take care of you, payslut, and she’ll display no grace!

BlackkMail – Expect to be brainwashed, to forget about the elderly you. Once under my spell, you’ll become the most subjugated servant that has ever existed. You’ll be fearful to even take a peek at me, sans pleading permission very first. You have to know that my standards are highest than ever, I do not settle for anything less than I deserve. So you’d nicer rise to my expectations. So know what you’re getting into idiot, because if you served me once you cannot stop.

”F” its for drill yourself! Why?! Because you’v got a smallish beef whistle and a phat wallet! Because you are a super-bitch,a fuckbox sub slaves!

justforslave – Gimps,Piggies,Wanker,Sissys,Bitches, Harassment, Tv , RolePlay, CBT, Super-bitch teaching, Slavery contract , Assets Penalty, TEASE&DENIAL, Lube flash, Live chat, Apparels MANSTICK AND BALL TORMENT collar and lead/leash And more

♛ Naturally Domme~Expensive~Mind Manipulator~HD Streaming,~Multiple cameras // It’s bloodstained scorching here, come over with chilled champagne & ♛

HelenJonson – Dominant London based evil-minded BDSM Mistress, over Ten years of experience in BDSM world. Irresistible stellar, complex, elegant, true girl will get deep into your mind and make you A D D I C T E D for the rest of your life. I know you spitting over my pics. DO NOT TORTURE YOURSELF – LEAVE IT TO ME …(fried) 😀

I heared you’re a player! Super-cute to meet you…I’m the coach!!!!

BeatriceStarX – Stringent Domme, Leather, Legs, feet & shoes, Underwear & stocking, Drills, Piercings & tattoos, Role frolicking, Smoking, Strip-tease, Cross-dressing, Discipline, Predominance, Feminization, Stilettos, Abjection, Lipstick, Lycra/spandex, Make up, Mistress/slave, Nylons, Orgasm Denial, Belt dicks, Taunting,Joi.Cei,Sph,Cbt

Wealthy Pay Pigs will be granted the possibility of my attention

ETERNAME – BD & S/M role-plays with whips, collars and bondage is one thing, but at the end of the day those are just agreed games, focused around male cravings. But handing over your hard-earned money to a jaw-dropping chick while being denied any sexual and/or romantic reciprocity is about as real as nymph dom / financial dominance gets. Is about Woman dom, and confirming that nymphs are the center of the Universe.