Domineering, heavy gal looking for a weakling and dummy! HEY, ARE YOU HERE???

LuxuryMistressX – I love seeing you on your knees at My royal soles, like a good slave you are! You must be well-prepped to submit to Me ENTIRELY! I will control your mind, your figure, your soul! I will take you in my world of high class DOMINANCE! New slaves welcome! Money slave are my favourite! I’m so pummeling ideal and incredible and you are absolute crud. you are worth NOTHING to Me except what’s in that wallet of yours. So go ahead and COMPLY ME, while I drain your wallet loser!

I enslave you with temptation, lure you with seduction and juicy promise of bliss. Deviant, Sadomasochistic and Crooked, I will take from you everything, tur

CruelKira – > Manstick & Ball Play (mushy to extreme) >> Candle Paraffin wax >> Creative Roleplay >> Sissy-Bitch Teaching >> Dicksucking Lessons (with plaything or …d bisexous play) >> Medical Fetishes (Check-ups and Inspections) >> Alternative Fetish Exploration >> Objectification >> Dog/Piggy/Pony training >> Forceps and WhipsnBody punishment, money a power play partner, cukoldry,blackmail,keyholder, slavery contracts