Temptation is an art… that lightly turns into an addiction.

MissBigGirl – Wondrous , greedy, spoiled, manipulative… poisoning Power Super-bitch. Mischievous Mistress. Hypnotic Siren. Humiliatrix. Ass-smothering Mistress. you suffer anxiety and a bad sleep sexual frustration & compulsive stroking habits I have a therapeutic prescription for you – total subjugation. mind control, brainwashing, intox, disregard, wallet & mind fuckery , blackmail, financial supremacy, feet/legs/body Adore, tease & denial, cuckolding, sissification, bi-forcing and more…

Behave, cocksluts!

QueenOfWallet – Welcome to My world, the world of Mistress. The world in which fellows exist only to sate My wishes. When you inject My world, leave your ego, pride and dignity; leave behind all about your weenie, being in control, having any strength; enter complete give up and bow in front of Me in utter subjugation.

Sumptuous Rigorous Cockslut is here to Tease and Deny you – Feminization, SPH, TeamV, Rope On and DOMINANCE & OBEDIENCE roleplays for an awesome MASTURBATING practice.

DominantMiss – Expect to be: ~Drained, Possessed & Controlled~ ~Hypnotized by my deep eyes~ ~ Hypnotized by my long nylon gams ~ ~ Pent up by my fragile arms and plows ~ ~Seduced by my tender sensuous voice ~


SmokingDevil – My creativity, intuitiveness, sensuality, masochistic nature and ablility to turn your fantasies into a reality is what sets me apart.I own your fantasies…Your secrets…Your shame…Your idolize…Your tears…Your fantasies…your submission…your prick…your orgasms!

Spoil me, pamper me, idolize me, make poems for me, worship me!

LegsOnHeels – I’m a moody July baby, secretive, witty, sarcastic, unpredictable and in love with girls accessories. I love shoes, stockings, elegant sight, elegance, teasing. I believe in women’s supremacy and that a guy should be the obedient. I believe in all kind of DOMINATION & OBEDIENCE games.

Temptress.Seductress.Misc​hevious.Dominant. Caining Mistress luving all sights of CONFINE BONDAGE & DISCIPLINE,fetishes,mind games.*Sound*

SweetLyvy – I’m Domme of Sins,Female with an obvious taste for Predominance,Control,Fetishes,FinDom and perv delectations..I’ll be more then satiated to help you find out the SUPREMACY & SUBORDINATION world/Fetish.I would appreciate it if you would forget that you’re a ”customer”,in My chatroom you’re wankers

The true hotty of obedience lies not in the action but in the will.You cannot learn without pain.How much can you take for me ? :)

CurlyAmelie – == Results from bdsmtest-org == 100% Domineering 100% Owner 100% Sadist 99% Degrader 99% Master/Mistress 98% Primal (Hunter) 97% Rigger 96% Brat tamer 91% Voyeur 84% Exhibitionist 68% Non-monogamist 52% Experimentalist 10% Brat